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Tattoo License

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If you would like to get one of my illustrations tattooed on your body, this license essentially grants your permission to do so since my art is protected by copyright. It's also a great way to support me as an artist.

This is not a physical product and it will not be shipped. 

Once you've purchased this license, you are free to use any illustration of mine that you like (excluding custom commissioned portraits). Please email or message me if you're unsure.

Also, feel free to email me images of the completed tattoo or tag me on instagram. My handle is @illiferandezart.

If you would like a custom tattoo design or custom illustration, please refer to my FAQs page

Legal Information concerning the Tattoo License:

This license grants permission to the buyer to use any of Illi Ferandez's (the artist) illustrations as references for tattoo designs and tattoo designs only. A buyer is defined as someone who has bought this license from the artist's online shop. The buyer cannot use this license to sell or distribute any of Illi Ferandez's artwork on their behalf or for monetary gain. All copyrights of Illi Ferandez Art is owned by Illi Ferandez only. Violators will be subject to legal action.